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Snow Immersion Deaths redux

I’ve written about death in the backcountry before, and in that post I detailed a flowchart with the intent on showing how a lot of deaths unfold from a SAR perspective. Recent accidents in the backcountry in BC have shown

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How to NOT kill Yourself Snowshoeing

I remember borrowing a pair of crampons for my first ascent of Mount Baker in 1990, and the advice of the lender. “Make sure these thing fit” he said, “because if they come off and you’re on the ice you’re

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How to Kill Yourself Snowshoeing

In 2009 my SAR team did a rescue on Eagle Ridge which made me realize something that all snowshoers need to know. I’ve noticed a trend in backcountry incidents that deserves mention; it has a clear cause, can be avoided

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Death by Snowshoe

I’m working on an article on the mechanisms by which snowshoers near Vancouver tend to get in trouble (injury and death). The summary is this: snowshoers tend to have slip-and-fall injuries on hard snow during periods of sunny weather either

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