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Building the citizen’s Silver Alert

In the absence of a Silver Alert for BC, myself and a team of others developed a Citizen-led Silver Alert system

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Guidelines for posting about missing persons

Guidelines for posting about missing persons – media and many other organizations routinely botch news about missing people leading to bad or misleading informaiton.

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Community Emergency Response

The concept of an Community Emergency Response team is an interesting one that could be used to search for people with dementia among other emergencies.

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Letter to CBC’s The Current

The Current, CBC’s national show, did a broadcast on Dementia and I decided to write a letter outlining some of my own opinins.

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Dementia Prevention and Search Resources

A list of resources to help prevent the wandering of people with dementia, and to assist SAR groups to search for them

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Silver Alert

The silver alert is an example of an alert for a vulnerable missing person in an urban setting that can help find people with dementia who wander.

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Tracking people with dementia when they wander

There are various technologies available to track missing subjects with dementia that allow trained searchers to locate them.

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Provincial Dementia Action Plan for BC

Province of BC has a Dementia Action plan that makes no mention of prevention, education or response to subjects that wander, a life threatening situation.

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Searching for Missing people with Dementia

Many people don’t know that wilderness SAR teams are often called to search for subjects with dementia in BC, and it is one of the hardest parts of our job.

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Analysis of Missing Dementia in an Urban Environment

My friend Richard Laing of Ridge Meadows SAR has written an analysis of missing subjects with dementia in the Metro Vancouver area. View the document here.

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