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Hazardous Jobs

Sometimes when I am searching for someone, be it in the middle of the night, raining and while bushwhacking, and carrying 80 pounds of rescue gear, I smile to myself about how much I like doing this job. The reason

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Why does SAR Search for Dogs?

My dog and I, "skiing" near the head of Indian Arm

There’s a relatively high profile search for a dog under way on Mount Seymour at the moment, and an accompanying amount of local, national and international media coverage. From looking at the comments on some of these web sites, and watching the

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WorkSafeBC Report into death of SAR Volunteer

Last night I read the 45 page WorkSafeBC report into the death of BC SAR volunteer Sheilah Sweatman, who drowned on June 29th, 2011. I’m not going to write about what I read in the report. I’m not going to

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Discrepancy between Whistler and CAC avalanche reports

I’ve noticed a discrepancy between the Whistler/Blackcomb avalanche report and the one published by the Canadian Avalanche Centre. Since Whistler/Blackcomb doesn’t let me “permalink” to the bulletin, if you read this tomorrow you probably won’t see what I am seeing, so I’ll include

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Hazard, Risk and Consequences

A few weeks back I did an interview with Karl Woll, writer of the blog Outdoor Vancouver. In it, Karl asked me a question about “the scariest moment I ever had,” which I answered with an example of a task where

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Avalanche and other hazards

I probably don’t need to tell most readers that Avalanche hazard in the Sea to Sky region is Extreme right now (note this link is to the latest bulletin, so if you’re reading this a few days late you’ll have to

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On Blaming the Victim

I know I shouldn’t do this, but I read the comments in a lot of news articles. I know they are full of spiteful, ignorant and uninformed opinions, but I read them anyway. The only useful thing about them is that

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