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Map of SAR Incidents in BC 2011

A map plotting the location of all of the SAR incidents in BC for 2011 and 2012, including the location of each team in BC.

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Archived Avalanche Bulletins

How to retrieve archived avalanche bulletins from the Canadian Avalanche Association

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Accidents in Incidents: A review of SAR-related injuries

A review of the review of SAR related incidents.

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Frequency of SAR Incidents

I analysed some numbers on SAR Incidents in British Columbia and made a few graphs showing how the frequency of incidents changes with the season.

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Distribution of SAR Incidents in BC

The distribution of SAR tasks in British Columbia

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Non-Avalanche Related Snow Immersion Death

I was reading a local hiking/mountaineering forum recently when I came across this post detailing a very scary incident that happened to a skier at a local resort. And then I learned a new acronym: NARSID. Now I have never

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SAR Numbers from other Provinces

Comparing SAR incident volumes in BC to those in other provinces. BC has more than the rest of Canada combined

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How to NOT kill Yourself Snowshoeing

Some advice on what to do when everything goes to hell.

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The (textual) shape of SAR in BC

A word cloud generated from the BC Search and Rescue Incident Summaries shows us how we describe search and rescue in BC

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On Avalanche accidents in BC

The survivability for avalanche accidents is low in BC.

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