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Archived Avalanche Bulletins

I’ve always wondered why the CAA’s web site doesn’t have a link to the archived avalanche bulletins. I could be wrong, but I just can’t find it. It’s not a normal thing to want to go back and look at

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Accidents in Incidents: A review of SAR-related injuries

Any reader of my blog knows I love numbers. Collecting information can tell you a lot of things; it can tell the shape of a problem, whether the problem is big, small or insignificant, and it can define problems that

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Frequency of SAR Incidents

Most SAR teams maintain records of each incident independently from PEP, but even if they didn’t I’m sure they would all agree; there are more SAR incidents in the summer than in the winter. Further, calls come with greater frequency

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Distribution of SAR Incidents in BC

I was at a meeting last night and heard a SAR member state a bald claim that the Southwest region of BC has more incidents than the rest of BC combined. I was pretty sure this was not the case

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Non-Avalanche Related Snow Immersion Death

I was reading a local hiking/mountaineering forum recently when I came across this post detailing a very scary incident that happened to a skier at a local resort. And then I learned a new acronym: NARSID. Now I have never

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SAR Numbers from other Provinces

For years I’ve been told that British Columbia has more SAR incidents than the rest of Canada combined. This sounds hard to believe, as BC has 4 million people (13% of Canada) and only comprises about 10% of the total

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How to NOT kill Yourself Snowshoeing

I remember borrowing a pair of crampons for my first ascent of Mount Baker in 1990, and the advice of the lender. “Make sure these thing fit” he said, “because if they come off and you’re on the ice you’re

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The (textual) shape of SAR in BC

One of the first things I thought of when I took a look at the PEP incident summaries is that it would be interesting to do a word frequency visualization of the summaries themselves. Commonly referred to as “Tag Clouds”, a

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On Avalanche accidents in BC

It’s winter, and for some people that means snow sports. For SAR teams that means avalanche training. Now, you might think that SAR teams train to rescue people from avalanches. This is not the case. The primary reason Search and

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The Shape of SAR in BC

Looking through the thousands of SAR incidents in BC since 1999, I can see there are already some interesting questions to be asked and answered by this dataset, but before going forward there’s some information that might shed some light

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