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SARScene 2013

SARScene 2013 is at the Pacific Region Training Centre in Chilliwack BC this year. I’ll be attending, presenting, facilitating, exhibiting and cheering in equal measure. Exhibiting I’m an exhibitor at the SARScene Trade Show and media day! My real job is

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TrueNorth is in beta testing

I’ll let you in on a secret. I’ve been working on my side project, TrueNorth, for a long time. A really loooong time. I started it in 2005 when I worked out the math behind second-order georeferencing, and had something

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SARScene 2012 Presentation

I attended SARScene again this year (see here for last year’s presentation), and gave a presentation titled “Best Practices in Managing Geospatial Data for SAR Teams”. The idea was to present practical tips on managing “geospatial data” which is a

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A New Venture

For the past few years I’ve been working on some software in my spare time, and it’s just about ready for testing by people other than myself. The software is a mapping package, codenamed “Bergschrund”. It’s designed for backcountry enthusiasts,

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SAR and Crowdsourced Maps

The months of September and October have been almost all urban searches for me, a new SAR manager. A few weeks ago we searched for a missing man in North Burnaby, a very urban environment. I’ll give the ending away;

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