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SAR Media Tropes

A trope is a kind of conceptual shorthand often used in storytelling for a concept that an audience will recognise instantly. An example of this is the cigar chomping soldier – you don’t even need to know his name, but it’s

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High profile SAR

In 2005 many of the SAR teams in South Western BC responded to assist North Shore Rescue with a search for a missing American tourist on Grouse Mountain. What started as a simple missing hiker that local SAR teams usually resolve

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Why media engagement matters

The other day I was having a discussion (via Twitter) with a reporter. We were talking about using media reports as data for analyzing a social phenomenon. I pointed out that the media had a bias toward things that “sold newspapers” so

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Winter Backcountry Safety

I was on CBC yesterday talking about winter backcountry safety, This is particularly important given that there were three incidents in the last two weeks. Multi day rescue of a skier by several teams in the Kootenays of BC Man and his daughter

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Donations are not repayment

There has been a recent spate of rescues in BC where the subjects were under the impression that they would have to pay a fine for being rescued. This is, of course, incorrect. The problem is, when people think they

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SAR Teams in BC

UPDATE to this post; BCSARA Maintains a much better list of the SAR teams in BC. I am deprecating this list in favour of theirs, and the SAR Map of BC. I will be maintaining the SAR Map of Canada

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