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GPS Dilution of Error Notice

In awesome space news, SAR Teams throughout southwestern BC were notified today that  a known GPS dilution of error event will occur tomorrow (January 16th) between  2215Z and 2245Z. Converting Zulu (UTC) to normal time means that’s from 14:15 (2:15 PM) and

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On Volunteering

This post was originally written in 2012 and was edited to update numbers and links for 2013. There are two parts of doing a great job; the first part is the execution, and the second part is the recognition. For

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Update on the Squamish Gondola

I’ve written before on the proposed Gondola near Squamish, BC. I’ve also been clear that I’m not overly concerned with the development; I figure a gondola is a “light touch” on the park in that it’s largely over the park.

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Petzl GRIGRI 2 Recall

Petzl has issued a recall for some GRIGRI 2 belay devices. The Grigri is a very popular belay device for sport climbers and others, and the Grigri 2 was a re-design of the classic device, making it lighter and allowing

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On Rescuing Animals

Helping pets is a part of the rescue tradition, as we all know from the story of the firefighters climbing a tree to retrieve a cat. Although this image is a bit of a joke, it illustrates two things: the

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Treewell camera footage

I don’t usually “reblog” things, but this is something interesting and related to the posts I’ve written about NARSID, or Treewell incidents. A man on Mount Shasta Ski Park in California had a helmet camera running when he fell into

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Counterfeit versions of Petzl Products

Petzl is warning that they have found counterfeit versions of several of their products. They are not manufactured to the safety standards that are printed on the products, and so are very dangerous for use as climbing equipment. In the

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Backcountry Skier dies on Mount Seymour

Please see updates at the end of this article. A week from my last post on his pattern of accidents, and there’s another accident, this time fatal. Details are sketchy, but the media are reporting that the individual was snowshoeing

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Snowshoer rescued on Hollyburn Mountain

This previous week has seen warmer than usual weather with a lot of rain and fluctuating freeing temperatures bringing rain to the tops of the local mountains, and saturating the snow. Yesterday and today dawned cold and clear. Overnight sea-level

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BCA Tracker 2 Update

An update to my previous post on this issue: Backcountry Access has published instructions on how to do the RA (return authorization) on the Tracker 2, get the software update, and a minor hardware upgrade. Really awesome: they’re paying for

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