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BCA Tracker 2 firmware problem

Some versions of the Backcountry Access Tracker 2 have a firmware bug that causes them to go into a programming mode in certain circumstances. http://backcountryaccess.com/blog/?p=2718 Being a software engineer, I understand all to well problems with writing software and getting it

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Huge slide near Meager Creek

It’s almost amusing to see how media agencies attempting to describe where Meager Creek is. The mix of “north of“, “West of” “x km from” or even “near x” etc is confusing to say the least, especially when it’s basically

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How not to load someone in a helicopter

The following link has some text and a video clip from a recent rescue in the Fraser Valley. http://bc.rcmp.ca/ViewPage.action?siteNodeId=50&languageId=1&contentId;=15653 As you can see they are performing what we call a hover stretcher load, which I wrote about today. Now I

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How not to get hurt at Whistler

In my few days at Whistler on standby for rescues on the Olympic course I’ve had a few opportunities to see the Whistler patrol members in action. A regular weekend on Whistler sees a number of critical injuries (where critical means life

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On Olympic Aspirations

I understand the hopes and dreams of Olympic athletes is a slightly more visceral way today through the potential of one of them ending their career in a crash. US downhill skier Stacey Cook crashed near the tunnel section on the women’s course. She missed

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