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Harvey’s cloud

Harvey’s Cloud, a weather phenomenon I encountered at Whistler during the 2010 Olympics

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Paralympics: smaller, calmer, friendlier

The Paralympics are coming! And everyone is distinctly less stressed out. I did not say less excited, or less enthusiastic. And definitely not less important. However the Olympics get all the attention, and the attention makes everyone here in Vancouver self conscious and nobody navel-gazes better

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Podium Ownage: Early results

With all of the hand wringing about the Own the Podium program, and was the money worth it I thought I might apply some basic statistics to the problem. Testing weather or not a technique works is one of the

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On Olympic Aspirations

Recounting my part in rescuing an Olympic Athlete during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics

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The Olympic Imperative

Two days of training at the men’s and women’s downhill skiing course, and one day to go before racers start practising. First, some terms of reference: there are just about 2400 blue-clad volunteers for the men’s and women’s downhill, and

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What I am not allowed to do

I have been given a list of do’s and don’ts about being a volunteer at the Olympics: do not ask for athlete/VIP autographs or pictures while on duty or in uniform do not bring family members to work do not

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My Olympic Sport (Part 2)

(continued from Part 1) So, through hook or by crook, I’ve been trained to dangle from a helicopter as a rescue technique. How, may you ask, did that get me to the Olympics? A few years ago, Vancouver won the

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My Olympic Sport (Part 1)

I first volunteered for Search and Rescue in 1999. A friend of mine in university suggested it to me. It came up after a discussion about a high school friend of mine who had died on a mountain near Hope;

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