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A Social Media Storm

A cautionary tale of adverse effects of Social Media during a SAR operation

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The idiocy of using social media to call for help

Why posting to Social Media when you are lost is a very very stupid thing to do

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Google Public Alerts

Some comments about the recently announced Google Public Alerts system.

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A Social Media Policy for SAR

The need for a Social Media Policy for Search and Rescue teams and members is explored

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Social Media in SAR Management: Getting The Word Out

A discussion of best practises for SAR teams in the use of Social Media in SAR Management, and disseminating information

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Housekeeping: social media

On a non-SAR, non blog note, I’ve been using Facebook and Twitter a bit, mostly for the same thing. Every once in a while I come across an article on another site that’s related to what I write about, or

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