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The idiocy of using social media to call for help

The Canadian Red Cross commissioned Ipsos Reid to conduct a survey on what Canadians expect of social media in an emergency. One of the results they talk about here is that 63% of respondents think emergency responders should answer emergency calls via

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Google Public Alerts

Google just announced it’s new Public Alerts service recently. This isn’t like the other Google Alerts service which lets you enter a few search terms and have Google email you when new results are found (although this tool is also useful for

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A Social Media Policy for SAR

If you are rescued by a Search and Rescue team tomorrow, what kind of behaviour would you expect from the team? I know that most people would probably just be grateful to be warm and dry, but the question comes up

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Social Media in SAR Management: Getting The Word Out

I’ve been reading about “SMEM,” or Social Media in Emergency Management. It’s quite a buzz word, and there’s a LOT of talk on the internet about it. Our SAR team has had a few instances where it’s been useful, and

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Housekeeping: social media

On a non-SAR, non blog note, I’ve been using Facebook and Twitter a bit, mostly for the same thing. Every once in a while I come across an article on another site that’s related to what I write about, or

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