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Avalanche Transceivers and Tin Foil

I recorded the following video to demonstrate one of the many well known effects of tin foil, and other metals, on a radio frequency (RF) source. Note, see the update at the end of this article. Wrapping the beacon in

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: the basics

As I wrote last week, I spent a lot of time this past year investigating the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Search and Rescue. In 2012 I spoke with major manufacturers prior to attending SARScene 2012. When I got

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Current Crowdsourced SAR effort on the North Shore

North Shore Rescue is undertaking a laudable attempt to reproduce the crowdsourced SAR technique used in a major search in 2010 for the current search for missing British tourist Tom Billings. I documented the groundbreaking efforts of a friend of

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Harvey’s cloud

The other day I was watching some of the great YouTube videos on the Environment Canada channel when I came across this one, on a “microscale weather phenomenon” near Whistler (this one was produced for the 2010 Olympics). I had

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Treewell camera footage

I don’t usually “reblog” things, but this is something interesting and related to the posts I’ve written about NARSID, or Treewell incidents. A man on Mount Shasta Ski Park in California had a helmet camera running when he fell into

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GoPro Hero, first impressions

I got a GoPro Hero camera for Christmas. I figure since I do some exciting things on occasion I may as well record some of them. I have a few friends who’ve bought this camera, and almost everyone has seen

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How not to carry a stretcher

Believe it or not, SAR members actually train for stretcher carrying. I honestly think that most of the reason we do this training is that we’re usually called out in the middle of the night, so you need to have

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Climbing like a pregnant woman

The other day I was climbing a well known 5.8 test piece in Squamish. I led, and Sylvia, who is 6 months pregnant, seconded it. About half way up she was heard to say “I think we’re at the inflection point;

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