Climbing like a pregnant woman

The other day I was climbing a well known 5.8 test piece in Squamish. I led, and Sylvia, who is 6 months pregnant, seconded it. About half way up she was heard to say “I think we’re at the inflection point; you’re a better climber than me”.

Know 2 things;

  1. I’ve been climbing better than I’ve ever done before this year, mostly due to the fact that Sylvia is pregnant and our fetus is not wearing a helmet (hence I have to do all of the leading).
  2. I am not, in fact, a better climber than my 6 months pregnant partner 

Witness yesterday, as she seconded “Twenty Minute Workout”, a 5.10b corner at High Cliff in the Smoke Bluffs:
Sylvia; 6 months pregnant.

And a few more (The Kip, Island in the Sky crag)

Pose for the camera

Looks pretty cool, but it’s only a 5.7

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