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Knowing how to use it

Ironically, the very first “live” long line rescue I did was a body recovery. The hiker in question had fallen several hundred feet – 800 or 900. He slid on snow, bounced off trees, and rocks and fell over a cliff. He was strangely

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Winter Backcountry Safety

I was on CBC yesterday talking about winter backcountry safety, This is particularly important given that there were three incidents in the last two weeks. Multi day rescue of a skier by several teams in the Kootenays of BC Man and his daughter

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Confusion and Delay

Having a child, I’ve watched a lot of Thomas the Tank Engine. The trains get up to trouble, and this guy comes around and scolds them, saying “You have caused CONFUSION and DELAY.” One of the primary goals of a

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Be wary of the silences

The following is a guest post by Jeff Smedley from Prince George SAR. Jeff is a very well respected member of the BC SAR community, and teaches SAR Management; he was one of my instructors. This post originally appeared on Jeff’s

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On Life Jackets

Every summer we’re faced with multiple stories about people drowning in BC. Somewhere between 50 to 70 preventable deaths per year in BC alone, according to the drowning report published by the Canadian Lifesaving society. Being a ground SAR volunteer, I’m not called out for water-relatedincidents

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Missing versus Lost

When I write about SAR I often use the terms “Missing” and “Lost” to describe the state of the people we are looking for. Did you know that I use these terms with a deliberate purpose? They mean something quite different. Someone

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Not Just a Volunteer

A friend of mine posted the following comment on social media recently that resonated with me. No one here is “just a volunteer”. You are in a life saving organization. That’s quite an insight. You’re not “just a volunteer”. This

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Avalanche Journal Article on UAVs in SAR

I wrote a short piece summarizing the current state of UAV use in Canada with respect to Search and Rescue for the Canadian Avalanche Association’s Avalanche Journal, linked below (page 14)

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North Shore Five Four

I first met Tim Jones on my second or third ever SAR call when our team was assisting North Shore Rescue in the spring of 2000. Being on the team immediately to the east, I’ve worked with members of North

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Community Emergency Response

A friend of mine who is a Captain at the City of Toronto Fire Services wrote a series of posts the other day on Facebook. These were in response to some of the issues he perceived during the Ice Storm

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