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SAR Team Diversity as strength

Musings on SAR team diversity and the deep and unexpected expertise of SAR members who are experts in their fields.

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Knowing how to use it

Musings about knowledge and the things you canèt put in your pack.

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Winter Backcountry Safety

I appeared on CBC news at 5 to talk about winter backcountry safety for a few minutes after several recent high profile rescues this winter.

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Confusion and Delay

Confusion and Delay

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Be wary of the silences

A guest post by Jeff Smedley from Prince George SAR on the emotional high of finding someone alive, and the disturbing silences when we don’t.

On Life Jackets

Hundreds of people die of drowning every year because they are not wearing life jackets.

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Missing versus Lost

What’s the difference between being lost and being missing?

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Not Just a Volunteer

You’re not just a volunteer.

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Avalanche Journal Article on UAVs in SAR

A link to my article in the Canadian Avalanche Association’s publication, The Avalanche Journal

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North Shore Five Four

In memory of Tim Jones

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