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A decade of long line rescue

A short reflection on a decade of being a long line rescue tech.

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Growth of of the Long Line Rescue technique

By analysing a database of SAR incident on BC over the past decade we can show the grown of the Long Line Rescue technique over time.

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A response to North Shore Rescue

Adding to the discussion about the BC Search and Rescue system, I propose some solutions to the problems pointed out by Tim Jones of North Shore Rescue.

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Helicopter long line rescue course

I spent the weekend (4 days) training in Squamish with the rest of my SAR team on helicopter long line rescue.

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Helicopter Rescue Drill and Recertification

I’ve written about the rescue technique known as HETS several times. Basically it’s a technique that’s perfect for inserting and extracting rescuers and equipment from BC’s forested slopes. Where a helicopter pilot can’t hover or land, they can long line.

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