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SAR Day 72: AGM and hours not tracked.

We had our Annual General Meeting on Tuesday the 28th of September. As a Society under the province of British Columbia, we abide by the Society’s Act, and have to have an AGM once a year to elect our executive

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SAR Day 68, 69, 70, 71

SAR Day 68: Regular training – after a long series of tasks there is usually a large amount of gear cleanup and replacement to be done. The team maintains stocks of consumables that are used to replace those carried on

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SAR Day 67: Mount Gardiner area, Cayoosh range

Description of a search in the alpine area of the Cayoosh Range

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SAR Day 66: 2 searches

The team was involved in two searches today. First, the ongoing search in Pemberton; one member stayed there since Saturday to continue assisting. Second, a despondent woman in the central Fraser Valley. Several members responded. Links to stories detailing the

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SAR Day 65: 3 ongoing searches

Mid week, two things happened; two people were reported missing in the D’Arcy area. Pemberton SAR Started a search, and requested additional resources. The team arranged to send two members on Saturday. The Tyler Wright search was re-activated.It was decided

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SAR Day 63 & 64 regular training

After a cluster of tasks like the ones of the last few weeks, nothing is regular about training; the schedule gets kind of messed up. Mountain Rescue training last week was scrapped for gear cleanup and a large task debrief. This

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SAR Day 62 and 63: Tyler Wright, Coquitlam and DeBeck creeks

On Sunday, August 29th the team was asked to search areas of the Coquitlam and DeBeck drainages. Command was stationed at Grant Narrows. Weather was uncooperative. In an illustration of some of the hazards of SAR work, the first team

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SAR Day 61: Tyler Wright

continued from previous Saturday August 28th dawned clear and cool. I attended Squamish command at 07:30 to prepare for the day’s task. By this day, the 12th of the task, the command centre was operating like a well oiled machine;

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SAR Days 50 through 60: Tyler Wright search, Boise Valley/Fools Gold Route

Twelve days (and counting, more on that later) is long time to look for somebody. When you search that long, they stop being “the subject” and start being referred to by their first and last name. These “named” searches are

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SAR Days 47 to 49

Day 47: Navigation: map, compass and GPS work in Munday Park Day 48: Indian Arm Trail survey: several members took it upon themselves to do some simple terrain familiarization with the Indian Arm Trail. We’ve had several parties wander into

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