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SAR Day 12: First aid field day

Day three of the first aid course is a field day. Of course, even a field day involves some teaching, and Rollie does a good job using the back of the truck as a whiteboard. Today we covered spinal immobilization,

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SAR Day 11: Classroom first aid

The first full day of the SAR Wilderness First Aid course was spent in the classroom. Among many other things we spent a lot of time on taking accurate vitals. This is essential in order to establish weather the subject is improving

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SARDay 10

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SAR Day 9: Advanced first aid techniques

All SAR members have basic first aid skills, but in addition to the basic stuff we’re often called to assist members of the team who are paramedics, nurses or doctors. We currently have 4 paramedics, 1 firefighter, 1 coast guard

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SAR Day 8: GPS Navigation

GPS Navigation training

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SAR Day 7: Hypothermia

On Tuesday the team trained for treating hypothermia. Hypothermia affects people year round. In a seminar a few years ago a BC Ambulance paramedic told us that older people who are in trouble because they have fallen inside their houses

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SAR Day 6: Navigation part 2

Regular training day with navigation on the schedule. Map and compass. In the past 10 years, the biggest errors in navigation I’ve seen have all been variations on transcription errors. What happens is this: people will report their position using

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SAR Day 1: operational, administrative and training

Today had operational, administrative and training components of SAR. Josh Andrew Koenig, an actor who starred in the TV Series Growing Pains, is missing in Vancouver. He is not only a high profile missing person, he is the son of a

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The Olympic Imperative

Two days of training at the men’s and women’s downhill skiing course, and one day to go before racers start practising. First, some terms of reference: there are just about 2400 blue-clad volunteers for the men’s and women’s downhill, and

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What I am not allowed to do

I have been given a list of do’s and don’ts about being a volunteer at the Olympics: do not ask for athlete/VIP autographs or pictures while on duty or in uniform do not bring family members to work do not

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