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Calculating your own GPS accuracy

In my post on GPS accuracy I made some claims about the accuracy of GPS devices and used a graphic that was created by a third party that may have confused the issue for some people, as it appeared to

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Your GPS is lying to you

At the very least, you’re probably misinterpreting what it’s saying. People’s attitudes toward GPS devices are very interesting. Since 2000, when selective availability was turned off, GPS has become ubiquitous  to the point where most people have one and interact with it on

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BC Life expectancy highest in Canada

There’s a report from last year that shows that British Columbia’s life expectancy is the highest in Canada. There’s another one today that shows that BC men now lead the world in life expectancy, with women outliving men, but coming in 6th in

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Map of SAR Incidents in BC 2011

My good friend Rick Laing, SAR Manager and member of Ridge Meadows SAR and GIS guru sent me a link to a map he published. It has the locations of all of the SAR teams in BC, and includes all of

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On the Language of Science

In some posts on this blog I make a big deal about things like “error” and “uncertainty”; I’ve used these terms when describing points on a map that are generated from a GPS, and in describing statistics pertaining to accidents

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Popularity of snowshoeing

In my article on snowshoe accidents, I noted that snowshoeing seemed to be growing in popularity, but could not find an industry reference on the numbers involved. Well, I found one that tracks numbers for the American market. The Outdoor

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Frequency of SAR Incidents

Most SAR teams maintain records of each incident independently from PEP, but even if they didn’t I’m sure they would all agree; there are more SAR incidents in the summer than in the winter. Further, calls come with greater frequency

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Distribution of SAR Incidents in BC

I was at a meeting last night and heard a SAR member state a bald claim that the Southwest region of BC has more incidents than the rest of BC combined. I was pretty sure this was not the case

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SAR Numbers from other Provinces

For years I’ve been told that British Columbia has more SAR incidents than the rest of Canada combined. This sounds hard to believe, as BC has 4 million people (13% of Canada) and only comprises about 10% of the total

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Some numbers on a large search

Most searches are short; someone goes missing and we head out and find them, someone calls on a cell phone and we guide them in, or we do a medical response. We divide searches into operational periods, a fancy term

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