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Accidental Triggering of SPOT device

Accidental trigger of a SPOT device, general discussion of devices limitations, and how to avoid them.

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The Snapchat search

Using Snapchat stories to locate missing 3 missing hikers

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SAR Missing Persons Database

There’s no central list of missing persons SAR groups in BC have been unable to find. I’d like to create one.

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SAR Expertise doesn’t come free

If you are developing a project to assist SAR – tap into our expertise, but do so by respecting that our time is valuable and worth paying for.

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Search and Rescue in Metro Vancouver

A few facts about Search and Rescue in the Metro Vancouver area.

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SAR Team Diversity as strength

Musings on SAR team diversity and the deep and unexpected expertise of SAR members who are experts in their fields.

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UAV use cases for SAR

Some musings on use cases for UAVs in Search and Rescue, the result of a few years thinking about the topic.

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Using YourLo.ca/tion for SAR

Instructions for using YourLo.ca/tion for Search and Rescue or other first responders to locate missing people.

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RCMP to be charged for CH-149 Cormorant

Two sources indicate that the Department of Defence is considering charging the RCMP for the use of the CH-149 Cormorant for search and rescue in BC

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UAV Operations for Canadian SAR Teams

UAV operations for SAR teams in Canada; bottom line is amateur operators cannot fly for Search and Rescue

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