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Current Crowdsourced SAR effort on the North Shore

North Shore Rescue is undertaking a laudable attempt to reproduce the crowdsourced SAR technique used in a major search in 2010 for the current search for missing British tourist Tom Billings. I documented the groundbreaking efforts of a friend of

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On posting rewards

For the past month or so most SAR people in Canada have probably taken note of a missing Canadian man in the mount Kosciuszko region of Australia, Prabhdeep Srawn. He went for a hike in the area on May 13 and has

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Personal Locator Beacons from the Rescuer’s Perspective


A case study of a recent rescue in Southwest BC My SAR Team just completed a rescue of three stranded hikers in the DeBeck Creek area north of Coquitlam, on the west side of Pitt Lake. If this sounds familiar

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SARDays 73 to 102, the winter lull

I haven’t forgotten about my SARDay project, my ongoing attempt to track all the Search, training, and administrative hours for one team member of one team. It’s just with all the other exciting blog posts over the past four months,

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Some numbers on a large search

Most searches are short; someone goes missing and we head out and find them, someone calls on a cell phone and we guide them in, or we do a medical response. We divide searches into operational periods, a fancy term

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SAR Day 65: 3 ongoing searches

Mid week, two things happened; two people were reported missing in the D’Arcy area. Pemberton SAR Started a search, and requested additional resources. The team arranged to send two members on Saturday. The Tyler Wright search was re-activated.It was decided

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SAR Day 62 and 63: Tyler Wright, Coquitlam and DeBeck creeks

On Sunday, August 29th the team was asked to search areas of the Coquitlam and DeBeck drainages. Command was stationed at Grant Narrows. Weather was uncooperative. In an illustration of some of the hazards of SAR work, the first team

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SAR Day 61: Tyler Wright

continued from previous Saturday August 28th dawned clear and cool. I attended Squamish command at 07:30 to prepare for the day’s task. By this day, the 12th of the task, the command centre was operating like a well oiled machine;

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To the readers of ClubTread

I don’t usually weigh in on things, but I will on this one. The task of SAR is to differentiate from the Rest of the World (ROW) and the Search Area. We know we cannot search the ROW, so we

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SAR Days 50 through 60: Tyler Wright search, Boise Valley/Fools Gold Route

Twelve days (and counting, more on that later) is long time to look for somebody. When you search that long, they stop being “the subject” and start being referred to by their first and last name. These “named” searches are

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