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Avalanche Journal Article on UAVs in SAR

I wrote a short piece summarizing the current state of UAV use in Canada with respect to Search and Rescue for the Canadian Avalanche Association’s Avalanche Journal, linked below (page 14)

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Avalanche Transceivers and Tin Foil

I recorded the following video to demonstrate one of the many well known effects of tin foil, and other metals, on a radio frequency (RF) source. Note, see the update at the end of this article. Wrapping the beacon in

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BCA Tracker 3 Avalanche Transceiver

I was at the Canadian Avalanche Association AGM/CPD/Trade show in Penticton last week (where I was in fact demoing an early version of my software TrueNorth) and caught a quick look at the Backcountry Access Tracker 3 Avalanche Transceiver. There’s

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Avalanche Bulletins on a Map

It’s always frustrated me that something so clearly spatial as the Canadian Avalanche Centre’s avalanche bulletins aren’t on a Google map. Based on my recent work on the map of SAR teams in Canada I figured it would only take

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The Autoimmune Expedition

A few years ago, around about the time I started this blog, I was selected with a group of other rescue people to form the helicopter rescue team for the downhill skiing venue at the Vancouver – Whistler 2010 Olympics. That’s

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Canadian Avalanche Air Bag study

Avalanche Balloon packs, or “Air Bags” (see WildSnow.com for an excellent overview of the current offerings) have been out for a few years, and other than anecdotal evidence, or data compiled by the manufacturers, there hasn’t been a lot of independent and peer reviewed study

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The SnowBe Beacon

There’s an article over on the UnofficialNetworks blog about a new piece of “avalanche safety gear” made by a company called Snow-Beacon. The article, which I encourage you to read for yourself, describes the “SnowBe” as the “THE MOST DANGEROUS

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Discrepancy between Whistler and CAC avalanche reports

I’ve noticed a discrepancy between the Whistler/Blackcomb avalanche report and the one published by the Canadian Avalanche Centre. Since Whistler/Blackcomb doesn’t let me “permalink” to the bulletin, if you read this tomorrow you probably won’t see what I am seeing, so I’ll include

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Beacons vs Transceivers again

It seems that people are still have trouble telling the difference between a “SPOT Beacon” and an “Avalanche Transceiver” I wrote about this last year, based on some comments I heard while attending the CAA‘s Annual conference and AGM. The CAA posted

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Sledder Situational Awareness again

It seems someone else is paying attention to the sledder situational awareness problem, and has come up with a handy tool to help people develop skills and make better decisions. Posted on the SledLink page, the “STOP” tool advises sledders

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