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Funding announcement this week

Some initial comments on the 10 million funding announcement for BCSARA today. Putting the money where it belongs First off, a 10 million dollar disbursement from the government to the BC Search and Rescue Association puts right up front the message

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UBCM Endorses BCSARA’s SAR Support Model

The Union of BC Municipalities endorsed the following resolution last week WHEREAS capital and non-operational funding for search and rescue (SAR) in BC is not consistent, equitable, or rationally allocated and SAR organizations bear the large administrative burden of applying

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What does an under-funded SAR system look like?

My dog and I, "skiing" near the head of Indian Arm

An under-funded SAR system might be difficult to detect, how do we tell when we don’t have enough resources to do things right?

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Who is paying for SAR in BC?

Who is paying for SAR in BC? Where does the money come from & where does it go? What does it mean that SAR funding is not stable, & how do we fix it?

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Denial of grant illustrates SAR funding issues

Whistler SAR’s annual grant was denied, illustrating one of the many flaws in BC’s SAR funding model

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UBCM To Debate SAR Funding Model

The Union of BC Municipalities has proposed a resolution on SAR funding. They support the province funding SAR fully, as their previous resolutions show.

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On a sustainable funding model for SAR in BC

Ground SAR funding in BC is not equitable, stable or rational. Vocal groups are funded, others get little. A rational approach puts resources where needed.

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A response to North Shore Rescue

Adding to the discussion about the BC Search and Rescue system, I propose some solutions to the problems pointed out by Tim Jones of North Shore Rescue.

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Quadrennial SAR Review feedback

The federal government recently undertook a review of Canada’s Search and Rescue program, this is my contribution to the Quadrennial SAR review

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Looking good versus being good

You get more attention reacting to an emergency than by quietly avoiding it, a rant on appearing to be good versus being good.

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