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Funding announcement this week

Some initial comments on the 10 million funding announcement for BCSARA today. Putting the money where it belongs First off, a 10 million dollar disbursement from the government to the BC Search and Rescue Association puts right up front the message

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UBCM Endorses BCSARA’s SAR Support Model

The Union of BC Municipalities endorsed the following resolution last week WHEREAS capital and non-operational funding for search and rescue (SAR) in BC is not consistent, equitable, or rationally allocated and SAR organizations bear the large administrative burden of applying

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What does an under-funded SAR system look like?

My dog and I, "skiing" near the head of Indian Arm

I’ve talked about SAR funding on this blog a lot in the past year. It’s been on my mind, and on that of other SAR members in BC, mostly because of a grant a few years back that brought together

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Who is paying for SAR in BC?

Who is paying for SAR in BC? A better question is, where does the money come from and how is it used? The BC Search and Rescue Association (BCSARA) released a discussion paper last year that effectively answers most of these

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Denial of grant illustrates SAR funding issues

Whistler Search and Rescue did not receive the $72,000 grant they applied for from the BC Gaming Commission this year. Earlier this summer I wrote a series of blog posts on the SAR funding model in BC and attempted to

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UBCM To Debate SAR Funding Model

CKNW Reports that the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) are going to debate a resolution on funding for Search and Rescue in BC. Below is the resolution, from the 2013 Resolution book WHEREAS search and rescue squads in British Columbia

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On a sustainable funding model for SAR in BC

As I have posted previously on SAR team call volumes, and the disparity in SAR funding, there is no coherent model for funding Search and Rescue in British Columbia. The current system of Search and Rescue in BC has an amazing track

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A response to North Shore Rescue

A few days ago, Tim Jones of North Shore Rescue posted “A Vision for Change for SAR in BC” where he made three simple proposals which I will reproduce below. THE FIRST LEG… Hasty Team Standby Pay for high volume

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Quadrennial SAR Review feedback

Last month was the Quadrennial SAR Review, an initiative launched by the federal government as a result of a recent tragedy in Newfoundland where a young buy perished during a SAR incident. The forum ended up being closed to the

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Looking good versus being good

Warning; this post is a rant. It is better to look good responding to an emergency than it is to quietly avoid the emergency in the first place. At least, that’s the way it appears based on how the media

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