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Are “selfies” hazardous?

From a Search and Rescue perspective none of these reasons for climbing a mountain makes a damn bit of difference.

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SARDay 2: Dealing with Death

Over the new years long weekend our team was called out to assist Ridge Meadows SAR for a missing person in Golden Ears Park. Unfortunately the task ended in a fatality. Since I decided to try “vlogging” (Video Blogging) this year, I

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Knowing how to use it

Musings about knowledge and the things you canèt put in your pack.

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On Life Jackets

Hundreds of people die of drowning every year because they are not wearing life jackets.

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Terrible thoughts

What if the last human contact a subject has is with me?

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Foot Identified

The BC Coroner’s service has identified the foot found in Sasamat lake as belonging to a person that Coquitlam SAR searched for 25 years ago.

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More on that foot

SAR Team members believe the foot that was found at Sasamat Lake recently belonged to a missing fisherman they searched for in 1987

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Foot in Boot

The ninth foot in four years has shown up in Sasamat Lake. Since the foot is in a freshwater lake, it probably didn’t drift very far.

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Death of a Volunteer

Sheilah Sweatman, Nelson SAR member, deceased at 29

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