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Long term SAR Trends in British Columbia

Emergency Management BC published the yearly summary statistics for emergency response in BC and like last year I did some analysis. We now have 20 years of statistics on SAR in BC! You may recall that last year there seemed

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SAR Call Volume Trends

Last week I published a post showing how the 2015-2016 year was unusually busy one for SAR groups in British Columbia. That one dealt with the number of people rescued, and at the end of it I uncovered one of the reasons for

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SAR Call volume up province wide

SAR Teams in BC saw more than a 25% increase in people rescued in 2015/16

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What was the largest search in BC History?

What is the largest search in BC Search and Rescue History? Almost impossible to answer to anyone’s satisfaction.

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Growth of of the Long Line Rescue technique

By analysing a database of SAR incident on BC over the past decade we can show the grown of the Long Line Rescue technique over time.

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Comparing SAR Funding in BC

A comparison of the “cost per incident” of the top 16 Ground SAR teams in British Columbia by call volume as a measure of funding disparity.

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SAR Team call volumes in BC

Who is the busiest SAR team in BC? Using numbers from EMBC I analysed the call volumes of SAR groups in BC and came up with some interesting results.

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Busiest Canada Day Weekend in a Decade

Looking back through data from the last 11 years I figure Canada Day long weekend 2013 was the busiest we have had in BC.

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Canadian Avalanche Air Bag study

A recently released series of reports on the effectiveness of Avalanche Air Bags in Canada gives us the first evidence that they are effective.

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BC Life expectancy highest in Canada

BC’s life expectancy is the highest in Canada and for men the highest in the world. Could this be because we spend so much time outdoors?

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