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What was the largest search in BC History?

The short answer is that I can’t answer that question. The longer answer is, how do you measure “biggest?” A few years back I created a BC Search and Rescue information system by reading all of he EMBC Incident Summaries and

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Who is paying for SAR in BC?

Who is paying for SAR in BC? A better question is, where does the money come from and how is it used? The BC Search and Rescue Association (BCSARA) released a discussion paper last year that effectively answers most of these

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Growth of of the Long Line Rescue technique

Using the data gathered from the EMBC Incident Reports (see previous posts) it is possible to do a little investigation into what rescue techniques are used, and how frequently. This is important to gauge their relative importance and prevalence in the

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Quadrennial SAR Review feedback

Last month was the Quadrennial SAR Review, an initiative launched by the federal government as a result of a recent tragedy in Newfoundland where a young buy perished during a SAR incident. The forum ended up being closed to the

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SAR Team call volumes in BC

Who is the busiest Ground SAR team in BC? I’d like to preface this post by saying that by no means should these numbers reflect the relative value your SAR groups represents to BC or your community.  The number of

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Busiest Canada Day Weekend in a Decade

If you are a SAR member in BC and you are feeling a little tired, I can tell you why. I just looked through the EMBC Incident Summaries for the Canada Day long weekend and counted 32 incidents. That makes

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Analysis of Missing Dementia in an Urban Environment

My friend Richard Laing, a SAR Manager and GIS expert from Ridge Meadows SAR has written an analysis of missing subjects with dementia in the Metro Vancouver area. The report analyses the distance the subjects were found from the Point Last

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Confusing an estimate with reality

This post at kottke.org illustrates a problem with the user interface on many mapping applications. The application is supposed to show you where your phone is, but when it can’t determine the position accurately, it attempts to find a general

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Canadian Avalanche Air Bag study

Avalanche Balloon packs, or “Air Bags” (see WildSnow.com for an excellent overview of the current offerings) have been out for a few years, and other than anecdotal evidence, or data compiled by the manufacturers, there hasn’t been a lot of independent and peer reviewed study

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Measuring Smartphone GPS accuracy

Update 2014 Please see the following post about the tool I wrote to automate this analysis. I’ve often wondered about how a Smartphone GPS would stack up against a purpose built wilderness GPS. I suspected that it would not perform

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