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Are we rescuing people too soon?

Is a cold night out in the bush really such a terrible thing that we risk rescuer’s health and well being?

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The Waffle House Index

The Waffle House Index, metrics and risk assessment

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Risk is part of Adventure

Comments on an excellent letter to the Vancouver Sun regarding the nature of risk, adventure, and the right of the individual to take risks

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Opinions on SAR Cost Recovery

Some opinions and info about discussion on SAR cost recovery

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WorkSafeBC Report into death of SAR Volunteer

The WorkSafeBC report into a SAR Volunteer’s death is boiled down into headlines before the upcoming inquest.

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SAR Long Line capability “grounded”

Some information and clarification on the “grounding” of long line operations in BC and Canada

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We don’t need Heroes

The Victoria Times Colonist asks if there’s leeway for first responders to be heroes, indicating they do not understand Emergency Response

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Invest in Disaster Management

Climate change means less stable weather, and more disasters. We have to be more efficient at managing emergencies.

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Hazard, Risk and Consequences

Some musings on the differences between hazard, risk and consequences as they relate to risk management in search and rescue.

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Situational Awareness: Sledder vs Skier

In my last post on this subject I wrote about how skiers have an advantage over sledders in that they have more opportunity to observe conditions as they travel through terrain. Today, some observations on the flip side of the

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