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SARDay 3 through 36

Wow. I really thought that I’d be able to reproduce the SARDay posts this year, but it turns out a lot has changed. The first is that I’m heavily involved in designing and building my team’s new Mobile Command Centre and this is essentially

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SARDay 2: Dealing with Death

Over the new years long weekend our team was called out to assist Ridge Meadows SAR for a missing person in Golden Ears Park. Unfortunately the task ended in a fatality. Since I decided to try “vlogging” (Video Blogging) this year, I

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SARDay 2010–2011 Wrap Up

I started tracking the time I spend doing SAR-related tasks a year ago today. I was prompted to do so partially because I was watching a friend of mine post every day that he went skiing or mountain biking. The

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SARDay 111: Rescue scenario @ Buntzen Lake

The very best way to train for SAR is to do SAR; in the absence of actual subjects getting lost, we are more than happy to pretend to be subjects ourselves. Designing a scenario is tricky. A real SAR task

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SARDays 107-110

SARDays 107-110

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SARDay 104-106: Organized Avalanche Response

What a week of weather events; huge amounts of snow, wind and a buried icy crust layer. Several natural avalanche observed on Mount Seymour, and skier triggered and natural avalanches all over the place. What better time for an avalanche

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SARDay 103: Lost hiker on Eagle Ridge

At around 22:00 on Monday night the team was paged by Coquitlam RCMP to search for a hiker reported overdue on Eagle Ridge. This was my first search as a SAR manager in training, so I was privy to the

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SARDays 73 to 102, the winter lull

SARDays 73 to 102

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Some numbers on a large search

Most searches are short; someone goes missing and we head out and find them, someone calls on a cell phone and we guide them in, or we do a medical response. We divide searches into operational periods, a fancy term

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SAR Day 73: quick rescue in Squamish

I’ve been living in Squamish, BC, and since I’ve been here I asked my good friends at Squamish SAR to add me to their call out list. This summer it’s worked out quite well, as they tend to have interesting

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