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Current Crowdsourced SAR effort on the North Shore

SAR teams on the North Shore are attempting to reproduce a crowdsourced SAR effort pioneered in 2010 on a massive 16 day long search.

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Remains of Missing Hiker found near Terrace BC

The remains of missing hiker Warren Sill were found by the continued effort and perseverance of Terrace SAR

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It’s not Lupus

Why proposing that the subject faked his or her death is like saying they have Lupus. It’s never Lupus.

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Hypothermia Kit Conundrum

Musings about how to select a sleeping back for a hypothermia treatment kit.

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The Missing Poster

It’s not easy making poster for a missing person unless you’ve done some preparation. Two methods are presented for making the missing poster.

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Managing my first large search: Initial thoughts

Some initial thoughts on managing my first large search; one with a happy outcome

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Fungi and the smell of death

A tale of a search, a smell and laying the blame on fungi.

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Foot Identified

The BC Coroner’s service has identified the foot found in Sasamat lake as belonging to a person that Coquitlam SAR searched for 25 years ago.

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William Fisher Search Review

A review of a 3 day search on Vancouver island with significant logistical issues that were overcome by use of amateur radio.

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More on that foot

SAR Team members believe the foot that was found at Sasamat Lake recently belonged to a missing fisherman they searched for in 1987

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