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Current Crowdsourced SAR effort on the North Shore

North Shore Rescue is undertaking a laudable attempt to reproduce the crowdsourced SAR technique used in a major search in 2010 for the current search for missing British tourist Tom Billings. I documented the groundbreaking efforts of a friend of

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Remains of Missing Hiker found near Terrace BC

On Friday, media around the province and the country began reporting that the remains of missing hiker, Warren Sill, had been found near New Hazelton by Terrace SAR. Being an “insider” in the SAR community, some information comes to be

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It’s not Lupus

In the TV show House, there’s an ongoing joke about Lupus. I apologize in advance if anyone has experience with this serious disease, but it’s useful for an illustration. Lupus is a disease characterized by having an large variety of

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Hypothermia Kit Conundrum

Our SAR team maintains several hypothermia treatment kits, and without going into too much detail they contain equipment for treating and transporting hypothermic patients. There various sorts of shelter, specialized waterproof subject bags, tarps, heating equipment, stoves etc. One of

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The Missing Poster

You’ve all probably seen missing posters: some are on the side of milk cartons, some posted on telephone poles, community centres, etc. Most are for missing pets. I hope that most of you have never had to make one, or

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Managing my first large search: Initial thoughts

My team ended up conducting a large search over the BC Day long weekend. Some Details On Thursday Aug 5 at 5:30 I happened to be the on-duty manager when we were paged. I called back and talked to a

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Fungi and the smell of death

A few years ago the team was called to look for a missing male. The circumstances of the search led us to believe that he might be located close to the last known position (LKP) in a wooded area, so

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Foot Identified

The foot in a hiking boot that was found in Sasamat Lake has been identified, as I suspected, as belonging to a person that my SAR team searched for just about 25 years ago. Several months back I posted the

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William Fisher Search Review

William Fisher Search Review The running joke at Comox Valley SAR is that if we’re having a social event bring your gear: we’re about to have a task. True to form, our last call out occurred on the way to

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More on that foot

Regarding the foot I talked about in my last post, at SAR training last night it turned out that several team members recalled a search in Sasamat Lake for a missing fisherman… in 1987. We looked into our archives, and

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