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SARScene 2012 Presentation

This year I gave a presentation titled “Best Practices in Managing Geospatial Data for SAR Teams”

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Measuring Smartphone GPS accuracy

Measuring the accuracy of a Smartphone GPS, showing that it is signifcantly less accurate than a wilderness GPS

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Calculating your own GPS accuracy

How to calculate the accuracy of your own GPS

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The idiocy of using social media to call for help

Why posting to Social Media when you are lost is a very very stupid thing to do

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Cell phones and GPS

Some recent news reports contain conflicting information on Cell phones and GPS reliability for SAR use, I attempt to clarify

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The use of Smartphones in SAR

A discussion of various ways SAR members can use smartphones

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Smart Phones and Battery Life

The biggest energy drain in a smart phone other than the cellular radio is the screen. Advice on how to best use this information, and preserve battery life

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SPOT Connect and Smart Phones

I’d like to direct people to Will Gadd’s article on the SPOT Connect. I’ve previously written how smartphones should not be used as a primary navigation device for backcountry travelers. Will points out that the SPOT connect, when paired with

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Why you shouldn’t use Smart Phones for Backcountry Navigation

Smart phones are problematic for backcountry navigation; they are fagile, have terrible battery life, and are less accurate than a wilderness GPS unit.

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On Coordinates

An article about recording and transmitting geographic coordinates accurately.

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