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Out of Bounds Skiers are not the problem

There’s no appreciable difference between and out of bounds skier and most other rescues SAR does.

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Snowflakes that look like small, alien devices

Snowflakes look like tiny machines made in factories under high magnification.

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Snow GIFs

Since I can’t be skiing today, I find these animated GIFs of snow to be calming, both from Head Like an Orange.

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Harvey’s cloud

Harvey’s Cloud, a weather phenomenon I encountered at Whistler during the 2010 Olympics

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Canadian Avalanche Air Bag study

A recently released series of reports on the effectiveness of Avalanche Air Bags in Canada gives us the first evidence that they are effective.

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Discrepancy between Whistler and CAC avalanche reports

The author wonders why there’s a discrepancy between the avalanche bulletin written by the CAC and Whistler/Blackcomb.

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Beacons vs Transceivers again

It seems that people are still confused about the difference between an emergency locator *beacon* and an avalanche *transceiver*

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Sledder Situational Awareness again

The S.T.O.P. tool designed to encourage sledders to develop situational awareness and be safer in avalanche terrain

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CAA AvSAR Course

Some musings on the CAA’s Avalanche Search and Rescue seminar for SAR teams considering sending people.

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Situational Awareness: Sledder vs Skier

In my last post on this subject I wrote about how skiers have an advantage over sledders in that they have more opportunity to observe conditions as they travel through terrain. Today, some observations on the flip side of the

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