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On Backcountry Safety

Backcountry safety is the process that consists of many parts; all of them are important, and leaving one out can mean the difference between life and death.

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The Autoimmune Expedition

My friend Peter Marshall is climbing Mount Rainier to raise funds and awareness for Autoimmune Disease. He could use your help: Autoimmune Expedition

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Traverse The Coast: An Audacious Undertaking

The Traverse the Coast expedition are undertaking a backcountry ski traverse from Vancouver to Alaska; I’ll be assisting by making maps for them.

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Why does SAR Search for Dogs?

My dog and I, "skiing" near the head of Indian Arm

Why searching for a Dog is in the interest of public safety

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Stop with the Smart Phones already

People are still under the impression a Smart Phone can replace a GPS in the wilderness, and they’re still wrong.

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Remains of Missing Hiker found near Terrace BC

The remains of missing hiker Warren Sill were found by the continued effort and perseverance of Terrace SAR

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The idiocy of using social media to call for help

Why posting to Social Media when you are lost is a very very stupid thing to do

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Cell phones and GPS

Some recent news reports contain conflicting information on Cell phones and GPS reliability for SAR use, I attempt to clarify

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Personal Locator Beacons from the Rescuer’s Perspective


A case study of a rescue with a Personal Locator Beacon in SouthWestern BC detailing rescuer’s difficulties accessing the location.

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Finding Someone from a Helicopter

A description of a search, and of finding someone from a helicopter. Some tips on how to be spotted.

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