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On Backcountry Safety

On the road up to Mount Seymour, near the start, there’s a yellow sign: “THINK SAFETY  If you get lost today will anybody know? Are you prepared?” In the 80’s I’d seen this sign multiple times a week every winter as

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The Autoimmune Expedition

A few years ago, around about the time I started this blog, I was selected with a group of other rescue people to form the helicopter rescue team for the downhill skiing venue at the Vancouver – Whistler 2010 Olympics. That’s

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Traverse The Coast: An Audacious Undertaking

In 2001 a friend of mine was skiing at Salal Creek, a trip I sadly couldn’t make with him, and when he came back he had a strange tale to tell. He said while he was there, three backcountry skiers

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Why does SAR Search for Dogs?

My dog and I, "skiing" near the head of Indian Arm

There’s a relatively high profile search for a dog under way on Mount Seymour at the moment, and an accompanying amount of local, national and international media coverage. From looking at the comments on some of these web sites, and watching the

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Stop with the Smart Phones already

Last year I wrote about how you should stop using Smart Phones for backcountry navigation. News outlets continue to post comments from local SAR teams highlighting what I wrote about; people using their phones as navigation devices are running the

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Remains of Missing Hiker found near Terrace BC

On Friday, media around the province and the country began reporting that the remains of missing hiker, Warren Sill, had been found near New Hazelton by Terrace SAR. Being an “insider” in the SAR community, some information comes to be

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The idiocy of using social media to call for help

The Canadian Red Cross commissioned Ipsos Reid to conduct a survey on what Canadians expect of social media in an emergency. One of the results they talk about here is that 63% of respondents think emergency responders should answer emergency calls via

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Cell phones and GPS

It seems there’s been a few articles in the news recently about Cell phones and GPS “signals”, and how SAR uses them. The Issue: Accuracy Last week, North Shore Rescue helpfully pointed out some perceived flaws in the system. That

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Personal Locator Beacons from the Rescuer’s Perspective


A case study of a recent rescue in Southwest BC My SAR Team just completed a rescue of three stranded hikers in the DeBeck Creek area north of Coquitlam, on the west side of Pitt Lake. If this sounds familiar

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Finding Someone from a Helicopter

The call At 4am June 13th, 2007 my pager went off, waking me from a very deep sleep. The pager goes off all the time, but this early in the morning it’s almost always a bad thing. People tend to

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