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Calling for help early saves lives

We used some high tech yesterday to locate the subjects of a search, but the real credit goes to calling for help early!

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Locating lost people using smart phones

People don’t know how to make their smart phone show their location, so I created a service that lets SAR track a person’s location via their smart phone.

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TrueNorth is in beta testing

After many years of development, my mapping project TrueNorth is in beta testing.

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Confusing an estimate with reality

It can be hazardous when a bad user interface makes people believe something is exact when it’s an estimate, or even worse, a guess.

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GPS Dilution of Error Notice

A known GPS dilution of accuracy event will occur tomorrow (January 16) from 14:15 to 14:45 local time.

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Stop with the Smart Phones already

People are still under the impression a Smart Phone can replace a GPS in the wilderness, and they’re still wrong.

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SARScene 2012 Presentation

This year I gave a presentation titled “Best Practices in Managing Geospatial Data for SAR Teams”

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Measuring Smartphone GPS accuracy

Measuring the accuracy of a Smartphone GPS, showing that it is signifcantly less accurate than a wilderness GPS

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Calculating your own GPS accuracy

How to calculate the accuracy of your own GPS

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Your GPS is lying to you

Your GPS is lying or, at the very least, you’re probably misinterpreting what it’s saying

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