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Knee Knacker course map leaves out grid lines

The Knee Knacker, the gruelling 30 mile North Shore trail race that people are glad just to finish just announced a new and improved course map for the race. To quote We have a new and improved course map for

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BC TRIM Maps are just PDF

Wow, there is a lot of misinformation about the new TRIM series maps from the BC Government out there! Please note new information at the end of this article. Here is a link to the announcement on the BC “Newsroom

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Avalanche Bulletins on a Map

It’s always frustrated me that something so clearly spatial as the Canadian Avalanche Centre’s avalanche bulletins aren’t on a Google map. Based on my recent work on the map of SAR teams in Canada I figured it would only take

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Mapping SAR Teams

I’ve been doing some work for the BC Search and Rescue Association, and the other day I posted by Twitter, Facebook and Google+ a prototype of the map I’m working on for them. Here is the map, embedded below. View

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Locating lost people using smart phones

A few weeks back I managed a search for two people lost near Buntzen Lake. After we rescued them, I learned that one of them had a smart phone with a GPS (in this case, an iPhone), but neither subject

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Map of SAR Incidents in BC 2011

My good friend Rick Laing, SAR Manager and member of Ridge Meadows SAR and GIS guru sent me a link to a map he published. It has the locations of all of the SAR teams in BC, and includes all of

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Older Map of Pitt Lake

We came across this map of Pitt Lake in the SAR Archives the other day. Interesting for the place names that aren’t on more modern maps. Funny how the mountains look like cones.

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Google moves to Crowdsourcing

Talk about being scooped! The day I post my article on how great OpenStreetMap is for SAR and how Google will never have the detail that OSM has, they open up to crowdsourcing. Now, Google Map Maker is not new,

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SAR and Crowdsourced Maps

The months of September and October have been almost all urban searches for me, a new SAR manager. A few weeks ago we searched for a missing man in North Burnaby, a very urban environment. I’ll give the ending away;

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Personal Locator Beacons from the Rescuer’s Perspective


A case study of a recent rescue in Southwest BC My SAR Team just completed a rescue of three stranded hikers in the DeBeck Creek area north of Coquitlam, on the west side of Pitt Lake. If this sounds familiar

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