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The SpareOne Emergency Cell Phone

Readers of the blog know that I’ve said before that you shouldn’t use a smart phone for backcountry travel. The most important reason for this is that you’re using battery life which will make it hard to use the phone to

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SOLD: 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser

THE FJ SOLD for $23,000 Oct 22nd 2011 Keeping this post up for anyone perversely interested in reading about it.

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SPOT Connect and Smart Phones

I’d like to direct people to Will Gadd’s article on the SPOT Connect. I’ve previously written how smartphones should not be used as a primary navigation device for backcountry travelers. Will points out that the SPOT connect, when paired with

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Backcountry Ski rig for SAR

On the south coast, most below-treeline winter SAR is done using snowshoes. However, snowshoes are not always the most appropriate way to travel in the winter. Among the many reasons to not use snowshoes, the one that stands out the

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GoPro Hero, first impressions

I got a GoPro Hero camera for Christmas. I figure since I do some exciting things on occasion I may as well record some of them. I have a few friends who’ve bought this camera, and almost everyone has seen

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How not to get hurt at Whistler

In my few days at Whistler on standby for rescues on the Olympic course I’ve had a few opportunities to see the Whistler patrol members in action. A regular weekend on Whistler sees a number of critical injuries (where critical means life

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Distributed File Sharing for SAR

Many people have asked me over the years how to share files amongst several people who may need to edit the same document. There are many clunky file sharing solutions out there (including the one I developed for my SAR

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