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Are “selfies” hazardous?

From a Search and Rescue perspective none of these reasons for climbing a mountain makes a damn bit of difference.

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“Dog Walker” Behaviour Profile

Musing on managing a recent multi day search for a missing dog walker, and a lost person behaviour profile for Dog Walkers

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Reflections on 2017

It’s another self reflective blog post about the year in review!

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Accidental Triggering of SPOT device

Accidental trigger of a SPOT device, general discussion of devices limitations, and how to avoid them.

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The Snapchat search

Using Snapchat stories to locate missing 3 missing hikers

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Long term SAR Trends in British Columbia

Emergency Management BC published the yearly summary statistics for emergency response in BC and like last year I did some analysis. We now have 20 years of statistics on SAR in BC! You may recall that last year there seemed

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SAR Media Tropes

A trope is a kind of conceptual shorthand often used in storytelling – but the harm the larger issue of backcountry safety.

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SAR Missing Persons Database

There’s no central list of missing persons SAR groups in BC have been unable to find. I’d like to create one.

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Depressed open skull fracture

First responders may not be able to diagnose a skull fracture in the field.

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SAR Call Volume Trends

Last week I published a post showing how the 2015-2016 year was unusually busy one for SAR groups in British Columbia. That one dealt with the number of people rescued, and at the end of it I uncovered one of the reasons for

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