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The Snapchat search

Using Snapchat stories to locate missing 3 missing hikers

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Out of Bounds Skiers are not the problem

There’s no appreciable difference between and out of bounds skier and most other rescues SAR does.

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SAR Expertise doesn’t come free

If you are developing a project to assist SAR – tap into our expertise, but do so by respecting that our time is valuable and worth paying for.

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UAV Exemption myths

Where you can and can’t fly your UAV under the Transport Canada sub-2kg exemption for commercial use.

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Uniforms in SAR

Take a look at these soldiers They are members of the Spanish Legion, and while you or I may think they look a little funny they are proud of their uniforms. Uniforms you ask? Yes, those are their dress uniforms.

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Most popular posts 2015

The most popular posts on my blog for the year 2015 are, with one exception, posts that I wrote in previous years. I don’t know what that says about my blogging this year – perhaps I am getting worse or

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URL Redirection Rant

A few months back I had to deal with a “webmaster” on a national site that deals with public safety information. They had some very critical public safety information at a link and literally hundreds of web sites linked to

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Your worst day

On dealing with friends and family on the worst day of their lives

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A decade of long line rescue

A short reflection on a decade of being a long line rescue tech.

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My dog and I, "skiing" near the head of Indian Arm

The #TrailHeadSelfie – possibly the simplest and easiest safety tool you have

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