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The Cheese Knife

Some memories of a a trip I took a long time ago and a particularly useful knife

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GPS Dilution of Error Notice

A known GPS dilution of accuracy event will occur tomorrow (January 16) from 14:15 to 14:45 local time.

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Are GoPro Cameras correlated with accidents?

A friend emailed me recently to ask if there was a co-relation between rescues and subjects wearing GoPro cameras, which got me thinking…

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The SpareOne Emergency Cell Phone

The SpareOne: a simple, voice-only 2G phone powered by 1 “AA” battery, but DOES NOT WORK on the Telus (3G) network. Otherwise perfect for emergencies

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Stop with the Smart Phones already

People are still under the impression a Smart Phone can replace a GPS in the wilderness, and they’re still wrong.

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Calculating your own GPS accuracy

How to calculate the accuracy of your own GPS

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Your GPS is lying to you

Your GPS is lying or, at the very least, you’re probably misinterpreting what it’s saying

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GPS Accuracy Survey

I put together a survey about how people understand the accuracy of their GPS units, it’s just four questions and I’d appreciate your input.

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Hypothermia Kit Conundrum

Musings about how to select a sleeping back for a hypothermia treatment kit.

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The SnowBe Beacon

There’s an article over on the UnofficialNetworks blog about a new piece of “avalanche safety gear” made by a company called Snow-Beacon. The article, which I encourage you to read for yourself, describes the “SnowBe” as the “THE MOST DANGEROUS

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