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“Dog Walker” Behaviour Profile

Musing on managing a recent multi day search for a missing dog walker, and a lost person behaviour profile for Dog Walkers

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High profile SAR

What do you do when a famous person goes missing in your search area?

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SAR in BC for UAV operators

Some resources on how Search and Rescue works in British Columbia for UAV operators.

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Live tweeting police scanners

Live tweeting Boston police scanners interfered with the investigation. Compared with an incident last summer. Scanning SAR frequencies has similar effect.

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Why does SAR Search for Dogs?

My dog and I, "skiing" near the head of Indian Arm

Why searching for a Dog is in the interest of public safety

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US National Weather Service issues poignant warning

The US National Weather service issued this poignant and well worded warning today, including the following words; IF YOU ARE RELUCTANT [to evacuate], THINK ABOUT YOUR LOVED ONES, THINK ABOUT THE EMERGENCY RESPONDERS WHO WILL BE UNABLE TO REACH YOU WHEN YOU

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It’s not Lupus

Why proposing that the subject faked his or her death is like saying they have Lupus. It’s never Lupus.

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The Missing Poster

It’s not easy making poster for a missing person unless you’ve done some preparation. Two methods are presented for making the missing poster.

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Managing my first large search: Initial thoughts

Some initial thoughts on managing my first large search; one with a happy outcome

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We don’t need Heroes

The Victoria Times Colonist asks if there’s leeway for first responders to be heroes, indicating they do not understand Emergency Response

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