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Would signs help?

I was driving across the country through the US in the late 90’s and I came across these little white crosses along the side of the road in Montana. There are LOTS of them. It turns out that these are

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Funding announcement this week

Some initial comments on the 10 million funding announcement for BCSARA today. Putting the money where it belongs First off, a 10 million dollar disbursement from the government to the BC Search and Rescue Association puts right up front the message

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Cypress Mountain and charging for rescue

Cypress Mountain has recently posted signage at the entrance to several backcountry trails that pass through the ski area regarding changes in the policy. The most troubling of these signs is the following which states that anyone calling for rescue

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On posting rewards

For the past month or so most SAR people in Canada have probably taken note of a missing Canadian man in the mount Kosciuszko region of Australia, Prabhdeep Srawn. He went for a hike in the area on May 13 and has

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Are GoPro Cameras correlated with accidents?

A friend emailed me the other day with the following question. Some friends and I were wondering if there’s a connection between people getting into difficulties in the back country, and the wearing of GoPro helmet or ski cams.   The idea

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Risk is part of Adventure

I have to take this opportunity to share the excellent letter written by Jon Heshka in the Vancouver Sun today on the nature of risk. In light of recent incidents in the North Shore and elsewhere, there’s been a bit

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Stop with the Smart Phones already

Last year I wrote about how you should stop using Smart Phones for backcountry navigation. News outlets continue to post comments from local SAR teams highlighting what I wrote about; people using their phones as navigation devices are running the

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WorkSafeBC Report into death of SAR Volunteer

Last night I read the 45 page WorkSafeBC report into the death of BC SAR volunteer Sheilah Sweatman, who drowned on June 29th, 2011. I’m not going to write about what I read in the report. I’m not going to

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We don’t need Heroes

It was with dismay that I read the Time Colonist editorial entitled “First Responders Need Leeway” today (July 28, editorial published July 19th). It appears that the perception that the Premier of Ontario stepped in to save the day in the

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Elliot Lake; the rescuers speak

Maclean’s magazine has an article this month on the rescuer’s point of view on the response to the mall roof collapse in Elliot Lake. As readers of this blog know, I was rather outspoken on the matter, saying that the

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