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HETS Mountain Rescue in Yoho National Park

News tonight of a rescue in Yoho National Park. Parks Canada pioneered the rescue technique SAR people in BC know variously as HETS (Human External Transport System), or “Class ‘D’” operations (referring to the Aviation regulations that govern people being

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Finding Someone from a Helicopter

The call At 4am June 13th, 2007 my pager went off, waking me from a very deep sleep. The pager goes off all the time, but this early in the morning it’s almost always a bad thing. People tend to

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What the heck is “Out of Bounds”

I can’t help but notice the wording of a recent article by CTV news on a rescue of two hikers in Lynn Valley Regional Park. The summary states (emphasis mine) Two men in their 20s were rescued by North Shore

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SARDay 103: Lost hiker on Eagle Ridge

At around 22:00 on Monday night the team was paged by Coquitlam RCMP to search for a hiker reported overdue on Eagle Ridge. This was my first search as a SAR manager in training, so I was privy to the

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My First Search

On July 17th 1999 I participated in my first SAR Search. I’d volunteered for the team in the fall of the previous year, and had been formally accepted as a member-in-training in January, 1999. The cohort of 10 new members

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SAR Day 67: Mount Gardiner area, Cayoosh range

On Monday September 13, 4 team members were able to join the ongoing search near Pemberton, BC for a missing couple in the Saxifrage/Cassiope area of the Cayoosh Range. Our briefing showed us areas of interest, where the car had

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SAR Day 65: 3 ongoing searches

Mid week, two things happened; two people were reported missing in the D’Arcy area. Pemberton SAR Started a search, and requested additional resources. The team arranged to send two members on Saturday. The Tyler Wright search was re-activated.It was decided

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SAR Day 62 and 63: Tyler Wright, Coquitlam and DeBeck creeks

On Sunday, August 29th the team was asked to search areas of the Coquitlam and DeBeck drainages. Command was stationed at Grant Narrows. Weather was uncooperative. In an illustration of some of the hazards of SAR work, the first team

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SAR Day 61: Tyler Wright

continued from previous Saturday August 28th dawned clear and cool. I attended Squamish command at 07:30 to prepare for the day’s task. By this day, the 12th of the task, the command centre was operating like a well oiled machine;

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SAR Days 50 through 60: Tyler Wright search, Boise Valley/Fools Gold Route

Twelve days (and counting, more on that later) is long time to look for somebody. When you search that long, they stop being “the subject” and start being referred to by their first and last name. These “named” searches are

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