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The future of public safety communications

Last week I was hired to assist as a field assistant by Peter Anderson and Stephen Braham of the SFU Telematics Research Lab with Phase three and four testing of a project they have named “Deployment of Unified Networks for

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Locating lost people using Social Media

SAR members will know all about the missing person forms included in ICS (Incident Command System). ICS form 302 is titled “Lost Person Questionnaire” and contains a field for almost every piece of information that could possibly help SAR find a missing

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Measuring GPS Precision

Two years ago I wrote a post on how to measure your own GPS accuracy, and followed that up with a post on measuring the accuracy of a smartphone GPS. This was in a series of posts on GPS units

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Smart Phone and GPS

I noted that there was some chatter recently on how cell phone GPS units work, and some misinformation that deserves clarification. First I would like to point out that the most probable place where an error in a GPS location

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BC TRIM Maps are just PDF

Wow, there is a lot of misinformation about the new TRIM series maps from the BC Government out there! Please note new information at the end of this article. Here is a link to the announcement on the BC “Newsroom

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Calling for help early saves lives

Yesterday my SAR team was called to rescue three stranded hikers near Buntzen Lake. Global News covered the story. The location software they are referring to is YourLo.ca/tion, a prototype I whipped up based on some ideas myself and another

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BCA Tracker 3 Avalanche Transceiver

I was at the Canadian Avalanche Association AGM/CPD/Trade show in Penticton last week (where I was in fact demoing an early version of my software TrueNorth) and caught a quick look at the Backcountry Access Tracker 3 Avalanche Transceiver. There’s

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Locating lost people using smart phones

A few weeks back I managed a search for two people lost near Buntzen Lake. After we rescued them, I learned that one of them had a smart phone with a GPS (in this case, an iPhone), but neither subject

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The SpareOne Emergency Cell Phone

Readers of the blog know that I’ve said before that you shouldn’t use a smart phone for backcountry travel. The most important reason for this is that you’re using battery life which will make it hard to use the phone to

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Stop with the Smart Phones already

Last year I wrote about how you should stop using Smart Phones for backcountry navigation. News outlets continue to post comments from local SAR teams highlighting what I wrote about; people using their phones as navigation devices are running the

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