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Archived Avalanche Bulletins

How to retrieve archived avalanche bulletins from the Canadian Avalanche Association

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The Christmas break

When I was in University we would always take advantage of the Christmas break to get out there and do some backcountry skiing. We were poor; we had unreliable vehicles, lots of us either had used equipment, or we rented.

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Avalanche and other hazards

The avalanche hazard is extreme in the Sea to Sky region, but the avalanche bulletin doesn’t contain is a warning about skip and fall hazard

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Snow, then Rain

I may have mentioned that, to my own dismay I read the comments in news articles. A common news article here in BC is one about the weather and, in the winter, snow. These articles are generally followed by cries of derision

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Situational Awareness: Skier vs Sledder

Situational Awareness is a risk-management keyword that’s being used more and more often and is especially important for avalanches.

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The ACC requires digital avalanche beacons

I’m a member of the Alpine Club of Canada (ACC), Vancouver Section, so I get their monthly “Alpine-E-r” newsletter. For the past several months I’ve noticed the following message in the newsletter: NEW BEACON POLICY The ACC has a new

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Popularity of snowshoeing

In my article on snowshoe accidents, I noted that snowshoeing seemed to be growing in popularity, but could not find an industry reference on the numbers involved. Well, I found one that tracks numbers for the American market. The Outdoor

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Summer snow conditions

When I wrote my article on a pattern of accidents I had observed in winter sports lovers, I talked about the snow conditions that contribute to a slip and fall accident. That, combined with easy access to the alpine, a

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Beacons and Transceivers, what’s the difference

On May 4th I attended the Canadian Avalanche Association’s annual spring conference and continuing professional development seminar. This year’s topic was Avalanche Search and Rescue in Canada. There were some very informative presentations, but one piece of information stood out

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Helicopter Rescue Drill and Recertification

I’ve written about the rescue technique known as HETS several times. Basically it’s a technique that’s perfect for inserting and extracting rescuers and equipment from BC’s forested slopes. Where a helicopter pilot can’t hover or land, they can long line.

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