SAR Media Tropes

A trope is a kind of conceptual shorthand often used in storytelling for a concept that an audience will recognise instantly. An example of this is the cigar chomping soldier – you don’t even need to know his name, but it’s

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SAR Missing Persons Database

Last week a member of my SAR team’s RCMP detachment contacted us about whether we would like to take a look at a few cold cases they had on file to see if we could offer any advice. This made me

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Depressed open skull fracture

The subject is a 6 year old male who presented with a 4cm gash over the right eye. He reported no loss of consciousness, GCS 14, and no signs of neurological deficits were apparent. Bleeding was controlled at which time the physician

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SAR Call Volume Trends

Last week I published a post showing how the 2015-2016 year was unusually busy one for SAR groups in British Columbia. That one dealt with the number of people rescued, and at the end of it I uncovered one of the reasons for

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SAR Call volume up province wide

By every measure 2016 was a busy year for SAR teams in BC. Groups throughout the province have been reporting that their call volumes are up, with many teams posting their busiest years ever. Note: please see the update at the

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Out of Bounds Skiers are not the problem

I posit the following: There’s no appreciable difference between an out of bounds skier and most other rescues SAR does. Aside from the fact that out of bounds skiers represent a very small number of the total rescues BC SAR

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High profile SAR

In 2005 many of the SAR teams in South Western BC responded to assist North Shore Rescue with a search for a missing American tourist on Grouse Mountain. What started as a simple missing hiker that local SAR teams usually resolve

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Why media engagement matters

The other day I was having a discussion (via Twitter) with a reporter. We were talking about using media reports as data for analyzing a social phenomenon. I pointed out that the media had a bias toward things that “sold newspapers” so

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SAR Expertise doesn’t come free

As a SAR volunteer with over a decade’s worth of experience, from time to time I get asked for my opinion about things related to Search and Rescue, technology, SAR operations, and the intersection between them. It’s not unexpected, in this

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Distracted Driving and SAR

The penalty for distracted driving in BC is now $543. It tripled on June 1st, 2016. The thing you may not know is that using a hand held radio is considered to be the same as using a cell phone under

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