Canadian GSAR Core Competency Standard


The draft document for the GSAR Core Competency Standard, a joint effort by the Search and Rescue Volunteer Association of Canada (SARVAC) and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) has been posted for review. If you’ve ever wondered what SARVAC does, this

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Social Media Action Plan for SAR

YourLo.cation Instagram

In my previous post I hinted at the need for a social media action plan for Search and Rescue. I’d like to present that plan here and ask for feedback from the SAR community. The current Subject Profile (ICS 301) and Lost Person

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Locating lost people using Social Media


SAR members will know all about the missing person forms included in ICS (Incident Command System). ICS form 302 is titled “Lost Person Questionnaire” and contains a field for almost every piece of information that could possibly help SAR find a missing

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Guidelines for posting about missing persons

Late last year I wrote a series about dementia, and included an article on the silver alert. First a little background. I’ve been writing software for justice and public safety for the past few years and as part of that work have

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UAV Operations for Canadian SAR Teams


Earlier this year I wrote a quick primer on SAR in BC for UAV operators. Today I’d like to write a quick note on the flip side of that coin, information the SAR teams need to know. I covered this material before, but I keep

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How far did I go?


Back in the day we read guidebooks, and those told us how long a hike was. We also used maps, and would estimate distances using a ruler, and a scale. The modern way is to carry a GPS, and trust it

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Uses for UAVs in SAR

QuadCopter UAV

I realized that despite thinking a lot, and taking to a lot of people about the various uses for UAVs in Search and Rescue, I have not actually posted some of those ideas to the blog. Allow me to correct that. First, I’d

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My Country


I love this place in an entirely irrational way. Two decades ago this year I cycled across Canada, and spent Canada Day in Kenora, Ontario, as near to the half way point as anyone could care to be on a number

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Why I blog

Rapping with my 3.5 year old climbing partner.

This is post #300 on my blog, so I thought I would “celebrate” by writing something about blogging, and why I value this experience so much. History and motivation I started blogging in 2009, rather late in the phenomenon, despite having a

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On Life Jackets

Water Rescue

Every summer we’re faced with multiple stories about people drowning in BC. Somewhere between 50 to 70 preventable deaths per year in BC alone, according to the drowning report published by the Canadian Lifesaving society. Being a ground SAR volunteer, I’m not called out for water-relatedincidents

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