Search and Rescue in Metro Vancouver


A few facts about Search and Rescue in the Metro Vancouver area. There are 5 Ground SAR groups in Metro Vancouver’s actual boundaries Coquitlam SAR Lions Bay SAR North Shore Rescue Ridge Meadows SAR Surrey SAR Between the 5 teams there are

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Are we rescuing people too soon?

Incident outcomes in the South Coast of BC
(Copyright Michael Coyle, reuse with permission)

I had a conversation with another SAR member the other day and he mentioned something interesting. He referred to a policy known euphemistically as “the first night’s free” – commonly used in areas that get a lot of SAR calls that are

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UBCM Endorses BCSARA’s SAR Support Model

Gurney Creek looking toward Grant Narrows on Pitt Lake

The Union of BC Municipalities endorsed the following resolution last week WHEREAS capital and non-operational funding for search and rescue (SAR) in BC is not consistent, equitable, or rationally allocated and SAR organizations bear the large administrative burden of applying

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Getting your symbols right

the Star of Life

Most SAR members are volunteers. You’d think this would excuse us from being less than professional but it doesn’t – it means we have to train to professional standards. It also means that it’s important to pay attention to small

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The Waffle House Index


The Waffle House index is a metric – a way of measuring one thing to determine the value of another thing. What it is intended to measure is the impact of a natural disaster on a community. The idea goes like this; if

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Your worst day


Think of your worst day. Everyone has them. The death of a family member comes very high on the list, as does personal injury. Many SAR incidents are the worst day for the friends and family of people we search for

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SAR Member needs Kidney Transplant

Update: see comments below, Tony Rupp has found a donor. Recently a friend of mine from the Okanagan posted on the BCSARA member’s board a request from a Shuswap SAR member whose kidneys are failing and needs a transplant. I don’t often pass

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On Backcountry Safety

Screenshot 2015-03-13 12.13.01

On the road up to Mount Seymour, near the start, there’s a yellow sign: “THINK SAFETY  If you get lost today will anybody know? Are you prepared?” In the 80’s I’d seen this sign multiple times a week every winter as

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A decade of long line rescue


In 2005 I was selected with another member of Coquitlam SAR to be a part of North Shore Rescue’s HETS (long line rescue) team. This led to being selected to be a part of the 2010 Olympics Long Line Rescue team,

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My dog and I, "skiing" near the head of Indian Arm

SAR Teams use social media as part of their investigation into a missing person — and if they don’t, they have to start immediately. In fact, two easy ways SAR teams can use social media as an investigative tool are as follows: the Social

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