UAV use cases for SAR

a UAV from Kaizen Kinetics Inc.

This is part three of my series of posts on the operational use of UAVs for SAR. The first post was on the basics of UAV use in Canada, and the second was on how SAR works in BC for

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The most dangerous pursuit

Travel on lightly snow-covered rocks

Premise: the most hazardous backcountry activity in BC is to do so while being a tourist or an exchange student. We do a lot of rescues in BC, about 1300 a year now. There are a lot of ways to get killed

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Knowing how to use it

HETS boot

Ironically, the very first “live” long line rescue I did was a body recovery. The hiker in question had fallen several hundred feet – 800 or 900. He slid on snow, bounced off trees, and rocks and fell over a cliff. He was strangely

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On Pagers


Since I joined SAR 15 years ago now, the one item that has defined my membership in the cadre of volunteer emergency responders is the pager. Like knights of old receiving their sword and shield, being given the pager for the first

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Winter Backcountry Safety

BCA Tracker DTS and Tracker 2

I was on CBC yesterday talking about winter backcountry safety, This is particularly important given that there were three incidents in the last two weeks. Multi day rescue of a skier by several teams in the Kootenays of BC Man and his daughter

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Confusion and Delay

Confusion and Delay

Having a child, I’ve watched a lot of Thomas the Tank Engine. The trains get up to trouble, and this guy comes around and scolds them, saying “You have caused CONFUSION and DELAY.” One of the primary goals of a

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Be wary of the silences

Jeff Smedley

The following is a guest post by Jeff Smedley from Prince George SAR. Jeff is a very well respected member of the BC SAR community, and teaches SAR Management; he was one of my instructors. This post originally appeared on Jeff’s

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Using for SAR Tracking Page

A quick tutorial on how to use to assist a SAR team (or any first responder) to help you locate a missing person. Features Free: Multiple messaging platforms: Email, SMS, online Request and response logging push technology for instant alerting

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What was the largest search in BC History?

SAR Incidents by Week (2003 to 2010)

The short answer is that I can’t answer that question. The longer answer is, how do you measure “biggest?” A few years back I created a BC Search and Rescue information system by reading all of he EMBC Incident Summaries and

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The future of public safety communications

SFU AMECom Truck

Last week I was hired to assist as a field assistant by Peter Anderson and Stephen Braham of the SFU Telematics Research Lab with Phase three and four testing of a project they have named “Deployment of Unified Networks for

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