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CAA AvSAR Course

As I mentioned via twitter, last month I attended the Avalanche Association’s “Avalanche Search and Rescue (AvSAR) seminar in Whistler, BC. I thought I’d write a bit about the course for any SAR personnel who might be considering sending someone to take it.

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Situational Awareness: Sledder vs Skier

In my last post on this subject I wrote about how skiers have an advantage over sledders in that they have more opportunity to observe conditions as they travel through terrain. Today, some observations on the flip side of the

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Archived Avalanche Bulletins

I’ve always wondered why the CAA’s web site doesn’t have a link to the archived avalanche bulletins. I could be wrong, but I just can’t find it. It’s not a normal thing to want to go back and look at

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Avalanche and other hazards

I probably don’t need to tell most readers that Avalanche hazard in the Sea to Sky region is Extreme right now (note this link is to the latest bulletin, so if you’re reading this a few days late you’ll have to

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Situational Awareness: Skier vs Sledder

Situational Awareness is a risk-management keyword that’s being used more and more often. It basically means the perception of your environment, and comprehension of what your observations mean. It’s used in the context of risk management when some action is

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The ACC requires digital avalanche beacons

I’m a member of the Alpine Club of Canada (ACC), Vancouver Section, so I get their monthly “Alpine-E-r” newsletter. For the past several months I’ve noticed the following message in the newsletter: NEW BEACON POLICY The ACC has a new

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Beacons and Transceivers, what’s the difference

On May 4th I attended the Canadian Avalanche Association’s annual spring conference and continuing professional development seminar. This year’s topic was Avalanche Search and Rescue in Canada. There were some very informative presentations, but one piece of information stood out

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Helicopter Rescue Drill and Recertification

I’ve written about the rescue technique known as HETS several times. Basically it’s a technique that’s perfect for inserting and extracting rescuers and equipment from BC’s forested slopes. Where a helicopter pilot can’t hover or land, they can long line.

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Snowmobiles and Avalanches

It’s not often that one single piece of information can save your life. Most of the time, especially in the backcountry, it takes years of training and experience to evaluate conditions, your ability and the technique necessary to take on

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Avalanche Accidents and Hazard rating

Every week the Canadian Avalanche Centre produces multiple avalanche bulletins for many different regions of British Columbia. In those bulletins, they rate the avalanche danger, defined as the likelihood, size and distribution of avalanches. This weekend there were several avalanche

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