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Calling for help early saves lives

We used some high tech yesterday to locate the subjects of a search, but the real credit goes to calling for help early!

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Locating lost people using smart phones

People don’t know how to make their smart phone show their location, so I created a service that lets SAR track a person’s location via their smart phone.

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Canadian Military considering charging for Disaster Relief services

Canadian Military considers charging for disaster relief; is cost recovery every a good idea for emergency response?

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Risk is part of Adventure

Comments on an excellent letter to the Vancouver Sun regarding the nature of risk, adventure, and the right of the individual to take risks

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Opinions on SAR Cost Recovery

Some opinions and info about discussion on SAR cost recovery

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Harvey’s cloud

Harvey’s Cloud, a weather phenomenon I encountered at Whistler during the 2010 Olympics

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A Social Media Storm

A cautionary tale of adverse effects of Social Media during a SAR operation

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Hypothermia Kit Conundrum

Musings about how to select a sleeping back for a hypothermia treatment kit.

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Managing my first large search: Initial thoughts

Some initial thoughts on managing my first large search; one with a happy outcome

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We don’t need Heroes

The Victoria Times Colonist asks if there’s leeway for first responders to be heroes, indicating they do not understand Emergency Response

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