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Distracted Driving and SAR

The penalty for distracted driving in BC is now $543. It tripled on June 1st, 2016. The thing you may not know is that using a hand held radio is considered to be the same as using a cell phone under

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The future of public safety communications

Last week I was hired to assist as a field assistant by Peter Anderson and Stephen Braham of the SFU Telematics Research Lab with Phase three and four testing of a project they have named “Deployment of Unified Networks for

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Locating lost people using Social Media

SAR members will know all about the missing person forms included in ICS (Incident Command System). ICS form 302 is titled “Lost Person Questionnaire” and contains a field for almost every piece of information that could possibly help SAR find a missing

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Uses for UAVs in SAR

I realized that despite thinking a lot, and taking to a lot of people about the various uses for UAVs in Search and Rescue, I have not actually posted some of those ideas to the blog. Allow me to correct that. First, I’d

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Regarding communications networks in BC

From time to time I’ve offered interested parties the opportinuty to write guest posts on this blog. Today’s post is by Merrick Grieder, a member of Comox Valley SAR, Deputy Coordinator with the Comox Valley Emergency Program and Emergency Radio Communications

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Live tweeting police scanners

Nobody could have missed the tragic incidents in Boston this week, but one thing that caught my eye was the live tweeting of what police and other emergency responders were saying over the radio, and how the police asked for

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Vancouver Island Comms Workshop

Coquitlam SAR member Jordan and I attended the VI Region Communications Workshop in Parksville yesterday, with 45 representatives from 10 VI SAR Teams, amateur radio clubs, and EMBC. I presented my talk from SARScene 2012 (for those who attended, this

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GPS Dilution of Error Notice

In awesome space news, SAR Teams throughout southwestern BC were notified today that  a known GPS dilution of error event will occur tomorrow (January 16th) between  2215Z and 2245Z. Converting Zulu (UTC) to normal time means that’s from 14:15 (2:15 PM) and

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The SpareOne Emergency Cell Phone

Readers of the blog know that I’ve said before that you shouldn’t use a smart phone for backcountry travel. The most important reason for this is that you’re using battery life which will make it hard to use the phone to

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Stop with the Smart Phones already

Last year I wrote about how you should stop using Smart Phones for backcountry navigation. News outlets continue to post comments from local SAR teams highlighting what I wrote about; people using their phones as navigation devices are running the

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