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RCMP to be charged for CH-149 Cormorant

Two sources indicate that the Department of Defence is considering charging the RCMP for the use of the CH-149 Cormorant for search and rescue in BC

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UAV Operations for Canadian SAR Teams

UAV operations for SAR teams in Canada; bottom line is amateur operators cannot fly for Search and Rescue

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TrueNorth public beta

TrueNorth is in public beta – using a GIS is like writing a resume with Photoshop, come get your mapping word processor.

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What does an under-funded SAR system look like?

My dog and I, "skiing" near the head of Indian Arm

An under-funded SAR system might be difficult to detect, how do we tell when we don’t have enough resources to do things right?

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Tax Credit not an “Incentive”

Media reporting on the federal government’s tax break for SAR volunteers as an incentive misses the boat; it’s recognition of service, and not a motivation.

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Tax Credit for SAR Volunteers

The federal government of Canada introduced a tax credit for SAR volunteers. Full text of the section, and a link to the budget document.

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Who is paying for SAR in BC?

Who is paying for SAR in BC? Where does the money come from & where does it go? What does it mean that SAR funding is not stable, & how do we fix it?

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Cypress Mountain and charging for rescue

Cypress Mountain has posted signage indicating anyone calling for rescue could be charged a “fee” of $1000. Why this policy is extremely misguided.

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SAR in BC for UAV operators

Some resources on how Search and Rescue works in British Columbia for UAV operators.

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: the basics

Some basic facts about the operational use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Search and Rescue in Canada, and in BC

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