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Tax Credit not an “Incentive”

There’s been a bit of media attention given to the tax credit announced by the federal government in the budget yesterday (see my post for more details). A friend of mine asked me if I was in favour of this,

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Tax Credit for SAR Volunteers

Today, the federal government of Canada introduced a tax credit for SAR volunteers. The relevant text from the budget is included in it’s entirety below (pages 229-230). Not included are details in Annex 2 (pages 321 and 322) which I

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Who is paying for SAR in BC?

Who is paying for SAR in BC? A better question is, where does the money come from and how is it used? The BC Search and Rescue Association (BCSARA) released a discussion paper last year that effectively answers most of these

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Cypress Mountain and charging for rescue

Cypress Mountain has recently posted signage at the entrance to several backcountry trails that pass through the ski area regarding changes in the policy. The most troubling of these signs is the following which states that anyone calling for rescue

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SAR in BC for UAV operators

In my ongoing series about the operational use of UAVs for Search and Rescue, today I’d like to post about how a UAV operator can understand how Search and Rescue in British Columbia works, and where UAV operations fit in.

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: the basics

As I wrote last week, I spent a lot of time this past year investigating the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Search and Rescue. In 2012 I spoke with major manufacturers prior to attending SARScene 2012. When I got

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Current Crowdsourced SAR effort on the North Shore

North Shore Rescue is undertaking a laudable attempt to reproduce the crowdsourced SAR technique used in a major search in 2010 for the current search for missing British tourist Tom Billings. I documented the groundbreaking efforts of a friend of

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Denial of grant illustrates SAR funding issues

Whistler Search and Rescue did not receive the $72,000 grant they applied for from the BC Gaming Commission this year. Earlier this summer I wrote a series of blog posts on the SAR funding model in BC and attempted to

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Letter to CBC’s The Current

I’ve been a Search and Rescue volunteer with Coquitlam SAR near Vancouver, BC for the past fourteen years, and I listened with much interest to your broadcast on Monday December 9, 2013 on Dementia. I am currently a SAR Manager

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Dementia Prevention and Search Resources

Since writing my four part series on dementia, I’ve had people contact me with even more resources to assist caregivers and emergency responder with the task of preventing wandering, and responding to a missing person with dementia. Part 1: Searching

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