Mount Logan update: back at base camp

I just got an update from the team’s SPOT device, and they are back at base camp. In a short communication with one of the team members family, I was told that everyone is OK and they will be flying out soon.

They spent several nights at Camp 3. Since I only get the SPOT updates when the team hits the “I’m OK” button, I have no idea what they were doing during the day. There could have been several attempts to make it to Camp 4, or even an attempt on the summit.

I’m sure I will hear the story directly when they make it back. There are so many reasons not to make the summit, weather and lack of time being the foremost. I’ll attempt to post a summary of the trip when I hear the full story, but I’m a believer that these stories are best told by those who experienced them, so it will only be a summary.

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